Biometrics security to track working hours


A swipe of the finger will register when you arrive at the office, when you leave and where you wander. As a Bay Street secretary Blogs about Biometrics monitoring being introduced in her office, we're asking about the implications for workers and their bosses.

Biometrics security to track working hours - Law Firm using Biometrics

The film Minority Report brought the field of biometrics to many people's attention. In its future, people are routinely recognized by their body parts... in one scene the character played by Tom Cruise is picked out of a crowd by animated billboards. He even ends up replacing his own eyeballs in order to avoid recognition.

We're decades away perhaps - hopefully - forever away from gouging out our own eyes to avoid recognition. But on a small scale, biometric techniques are already being used by companies to keep track of their employees.

A law firm in Toronto is installing a fingerprinting Biometric system. Howard Borlack is founding partner at McCague Borlack. We reached him in London, England this morning.

Biometrics security to track working hours - Panel

We tracked down the woman behind the Facebook page and blog opposed to the fingerprinting system but she didn't respond to our request for an on-air interview. Employees at McCague Borlack aren't the only ones to bristle at the idea of using fingers to clock in and out of work.

Bob Evely is part of a group of employees that fought a biometric system. And lost. He works at a milk processing plant in Don Mills Ontario, where every day he scans his finger when he arrives and leaves work. His employer requires him to scan his finger at work each day.

Ian Kerr is Canada Research Chair in Ethics, Law & Technology in the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa. He was in our studio there. And David Fraser is an internet, technology and privacy lawyer. He was in Halifax.

This segment was produced by The Current's Liz Hoath and Ashley Walters.

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