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44 U.S. Presidents have taken the oath of office. By the time Rome had 44 emperors, the Empire was close to splitting. By the time England had 44 kings, England was nearing civil war. The U.S. faces its own splits and divisions, many of them exacerbated by this presidential campaign and underlined by the results of yesterday's vote. Today, we're looking at the implications of an Obama win in a nation so divided.

US Election Results Panel

We started this segment with a clip from Barack Obama before a jubilant crowd early this morning as he defeated the US Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney for a second term in the oval office.

So was it the tax returns? Bain's record on bankrupting businesses? The 47 percent? The binders? No doubt, Mitt Romney has Achilles heels where others don't even have joints. But he did have a base, the funds, lackluster economy, the perceived creeping power of the state, Benghazi and a fine first debate performance to help him through an exhausting campaign.

But in the end, it was not enough for Mitt Romney. He'll have to take comfort in the knowledge that he is not alone in defeat. He's always got The Canada Party to kick around. We aired a clip.

Well, the dream is over for The Canada Party in its attempt to have this country win the White House. Yesterday the American public played it safe by voting for an actual American to be the President of the United States.

For their thoughts on last night's results --- and more importantly on what's going to happen over the next four years -- we were joined by two recovering political operatives or perhaps after last night, they are relapsed political operatives?

Daniel Pink was Chief Speechwriter for then Democratic Vice President Al Gore. He's now the author of several books, including his latest, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates US.

And Beau Phillips is a former Republican Party strategist who ran a number of Congressional campaigns. He's now a public affairs consultant at Chlopak, Leonard, Shecter.

Beau Phillips and Daniel Pink were both in Washington.

And we ended this segment with one more word from The Canada Party. It came out a big loser yesterday in its bid to have this country become President of the United States. Despite that... the Party is not giving up on its' ambitions.

This segment was produced by The Current's Gord Westmacott and Howard Goldenthal.

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