Secret service agents on guarding the lives of others


Americans may be eyeing Hurricane Sandy closely. But a few Americans are watching Mitt Romney and Barack Obama with a very keen eye. Staying close, watching every move, anticipating the worst. And just imagine the stress of protecting some very powerful people. We're looking at the bodyguard in our documentary today.

Secret service agents on guarding the lives of others (Documentary)

If you've been following the nail biter of a presidential race in the US... you'll have seen the candidates giving endless stump speeches and interviews. Now if you just look a bit beyond President Obama or Mitt Romney... you'll likely see some people lurking in the background... scanning the crowds - apparently talking into their shoulders or wrists.

They are, of course, secret service agents, tasked with - what most of us would agree - would be an extremely stressful job... keeping the candidates safe.

Freelance journalist Sarah Richards has been speaking with a number of bodyguards who have protected the likes of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Her documentary is called, In the Shadows and on the Trail. Sarah Richards is based in Baltimore.

Jonathan Goldstein Friday Show Promo

And we have more coverage of the U.S. election coming up. The host of Wiretap, Jonathan Goldstein, will be guest host on Friday. Jonathan's used to more light-hearted radio and he's a little unsettled about hosting The Current for such a politically significant event. But our producer Kathleen Goldhar has been working him over.

Once Jonathan gets his make up on, it should be a great show... Writer Tom Wolfe will join him, and of course his pals Josh, Gregor and Howard will make an appearance.

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