Sexy Breast Cancer campaigns: Are we saving breasts or women's lives?


As October draws to close, so does Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But are ad campaigns like "breast-centric" and fundraisers called "Booby Ball" offensive, insensitive, and sexist? We're debating the focus on the breast in breast cancer.

Are we saving breasts or women's lives? - Panel

We started this segment with part of a promotional video by Re-Think Breast Cancer. Tonight, the charity is hosting its fundraiser Booby Ball in Calgary. But the fact is, not everybody loves boobies. At least, they say this kind of cheeky, even goofy, way of talking about breasts isn't the right tone for talking about breast cancer.

Terry O'Shaughnessy is a Montreal woman who had a mastectomy in 2003. We heard from her. (Terry O'Shaughnessy and Robyn Levy are featured in a book called Breast Stories: Cancer Survivors Speak Out. 

Jessica Luther is also troubled. She says forget the boobs, save the women. She is a historian, freelance writer, and reproductive rights activist. She runs her own blog, Speaker's Corner in the ATX, and is creator and editor of the new site, Flyover Feminism where she wrote a post called No More: Save the Tatas, please. Jessica Luther was in Austin, Texas this morning.

MJ DeCoteau is the executive director of Re-Think Breast Cancer. It's hosting the its Booby Ball fundraiser tonight in Calgary. She was in our Toronto studio.

This segment was produced by The Current's Pacinthe Mattar and Sujata Berry.

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