Hacktivism: Going after Amanda Todd's tormenter


The story of Amanda Todd has galvanized the world with sympathy and concern. The teen's suicide and online harassment has everyone talking about bullying. But for some, talk is cheap, and they're taking matters into their own hands. Hacktivists say they've tracked down Amanda Todd's tormenter, and are now being criticized for their own brand of bullyism. The RCMP want what they say amounts to vigilantism to stop. But others ask, why should they?

Hacktivism: Going after Amanda Todd's tormenter - Panel

"Dear citizens of our nation, we have brought this announcement forwards solely for the purpose of releasing Amanda Todd's punisher's identity. [BLEEPED OUT] is an abomination to our society and will be punishment. We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forget. We do not forgive."

If nothing else, the people behind the Anonymous movement have dramatic flair. Earlier this week, people claiming an affiliation with the network of online "hacktivists" revealed the name and address of a man they say blackmailed Amanda Todd... a torment they say helped drive the teenager to suicide.

The man they identified says the hackers got the wrong guy. What's more, the hackers weren't done -- yesterday they published the name of a second person they claim is connected to the Todd case. Police want this to stop because the say the rumours interfere with their investigation.

Bullying, abuse and vigilante justice are part of the discussion this morning. Alexandra Samuel is the Director of the Social and Interactive Media Centre at Emily Carr University. She was in Vancouver. Graham Cluley is Senior Technology Consultant at Sophos. He was in Oxford, England, and Nadim Kobeissi is a computer security researcher and hacktivist, and student at Concordia University. He was in Montreal.

This segment was produced by The Current's Gord Westmacott and Pacinthe Mattar.

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