It's a Girl: A documentary on Gendercide


They call it Gendercide, the killing of infant girls, the abortion of female fetuses, the abandonment of little girls, the abuse of girls and young women in societies where pressure is strong to bring boys into the world. We hear from filmmaker Evan Grae Davis about that and about the other side, those women in India and China who dare to ignore family wishes to save their girls.

Mail: Andrew Nikiforuk

We received a lot of response to Friday's program on Jim Brown's conversation with Andrew Nikiforuk.

Once upon a time, it took hundreds of slaves to build a structure ... to move the stone and clear the land. But then, along came steam ... and oil. And these more powerful forms of energy allowed us to do so much more.

Journalist and author Andrew Nikiforuk spoke to us about the connection he makes between slavery and today's dependence on hydrocarbons. It's an argument he lays out in his new book The Energy of Slaves.

Lots of comment in the inbox. Adam Caldwell of Ottawa reacted by writing:

Mr. Nikiforuk's argument is right on the money. The world in which we live in is unprecedented, unsustainable, and an utter facade. This illusion informs our relationship with our stuff, each other and our place in the world. We need to get some perspective. Otherwise, we will hit that wall and be unprepared for the "real" world.

But Blake Hunsley of Halifax says:

Andrew Nikiforuk damages his own arguments by using the term slavery this way. Our pillaging of the planet to maintain our comfortable lifestyle is indeed a great moral failing. However, the term "energy slaves" makes me stop considering the validity of his points and dwell on the hyperbole.

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And we'll get a different view on the oilsands tomorrow. We will be speaking with Rick George, former CEO of Suncor. Twenty years ago, he looked at a struggling industry and saw an opportunity. We'll talk about what he sees today.

It's a Girl: A documentary on Gendercide - Filmmaker Evan Grae Davis

We started this segment with a clip from Hillary Clinton speaking at the UN 4th World Conference on Women - held in Beijing in 1995.

But that call for change has been widely ignored according to a new documentary. It's a Girl is a film that looks at gendercide in China and India.

Evan Grae Davis is the film's director and he joined us from Tuscon Arizona.

This segment was produced by The Current's Liz Hoath.

Last Word - Peace Montage

We were talking today about the Nobel peace prize and whether the prize has been diminished by awarding it to the European Union. Some people believe offering it to politicians takes the lustre off the prize.

Linus Pauling won for his opposition to nuclear weapons. Norman Borlaug won for his role in developing grains that do so much to end world hunger. But really, the list of non-political winners is as short as an Oslo summer.

Besides, politicians really can make a difference. They can choose to make peace rather than war. They can offer cool reason to hot heads. On today's Last Word, some peaceful thoughts from some -- not always -- peaceful politicians.

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