Boredom: Not mental inactivity but a state of stress


Evelyn Waugh said boredom was like a cancer in the breast. For Kierkegaard it was the root of all evil. Sartre compared it to the 'gray monotony of provincial life.' Today we talk about boredom with a man who's just made a film on the subject, and he'll tell us why boredom could have dire implications for your health.

Boredom: Not mental inactivity but a state of stress

(We started this segment with some music from the film, Boredom)

Here's a challenge for a radio host... talk about boredom, and make it exciting.
In fact, that's not hard to do. Because boredom, may not be what we think. Ennui may disturb our health, tedium torment our social lives, monotony destroy careers and world-weariness wreck whatever's left.

Albert Nerenberg is a Canadian filmmaker who's most recent film is called, Boredom. He joined us from from Montreal, where his film will premier at the Festival du Nouveau Cinema on Sunday.

James Danckert appears in the film, Boredom. He's an associate professor of psychology at the University of Waterloo and holder of the Canada Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience.

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Last Word - Jerry Seinfeld on Boredom

Now, we were just talking about boredom. The man who made his name by talking about nothing is anything but boring. But Jerry Seinfeld has been bored. Today's Last Word goes to Seinfeld remembering a shopping trip with this mother.

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