My Leaky Body: Julie Devaney


Julie Devaney was humiliated by an undiagnosed illness -- but as she worked her way through the Health system, she found there were lots of humiliations to come. She's on a mission to change the way patients are treated by the medical community in this country. We speak with the author of the new book, My Leaky Body.

My Leaky Body: Julie Devaney

We started this segment with Julie Devaney recalling one of her many frustrating visits to the emergency room. After years of dealing with debilitating pain from a gastrointestinal condition, Julie Devaney says she was also traumatized by the Health Care system itself.

So, the health, disability and patient advocate channeled her rage into a one woman show, and a book, that seek to reform a medical system she says is overworked, underfunded and desperately in need of some bedside manners.

Julie Devaney is the author and performer of My Leaky Body: Tales from the Gurney. She was in Toronto.

This segment was produced by The Current's Shannon Higgins.

10th Anniversary Website

The Current celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, and we're highlighting some of our favourite interviews on a special webpage. Have a look, and a listen and let us know if you have any favourites you think we've missed.

One of the conversations we're featuring is from one of the most intense times in the history of Canadian health care during the SARS crisis. A virus that barely had a name in 2002, killed 800 people by 2003.

While there was some criticism of media over-reaction, 44 people nevertheless died in Toronto -- and because the outbreak started in Hong Kong, one community in particular was blamed for bringing the crisis to Canada. We spoke with one of this country's first SARS patients, a woman who lost her mother and a brother to the disease, and also had to deal with accusatory neighbours.

You can hear the full interview on The Current's 10th anniversary website.

Last Word - Tuxedo Stan

This year's campaign for Halifax mayor features a candidate who's fixated on personal hygiene, formal dress and litter. Tuxedo Stan is desperate to seize the chain of office -- he's attracted to most shiny things. And like another big city mayor, he wants to cut the gravy -- and everything else dogs like.

Stan hopes to draw attention to improving the lives of his fellow Halifax felines. His owner, Hugh Chisholm says Stan's campaign has already raised about 6-thousand dollars for a spay and neuter program. He gets today's Last Word.

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