Free Speech vs. Religious Sanctity


In 2006, many were outraged over the violent reaction to Danish cartoons mocking the Prophet Mohammed. And now in France, this week's edition of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo includes cartoons mocking the Prophet Mohammed and the editor is under police protection for almost a year. He is unapologetic and the debate has begun anew - Free speech and free expression or the sanctity of religion?

Free Speech vs. Religious Sanctity - Panel

We started this segment with a clip of the editor of the French weekly satirical .. Charlie Hebdo. And though he has no concern for the consequences, French authorities are so worried the publication could provoke violence among some Muslims they have announced their own measures. French police set up a line of defence around the magazine's office.

The French Government will shut down its embassies and schools in 20 countries by tomorrow. President Francois Hollande's Government urged the magazine not to publish the cartoons, but our next guest says it is important for people to defend free speech.

Jacques Myard is a member of the French legislature with the centre-right Union for a Popular Movement. He was in Paris.

And Feisal Mohamed is a Professor at the University of Illinois who has written about the intersection of religion, politics and ethics. He was in Urbana, Illinois.

This segment was produced by The Current's Gord Westmacott, Hassan Santur and Pacinthe Mattar.

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