America, But Better: The Canada Party Manifesto


Not content to watch the Republicans and Democrats fling their insults? Well a new presidential contender is ready to lob snowballs. Two highly challenged political minds with time on their hands and satire in their DNA, have penned a political manifesto for a benevolent Canadian takeover of the U.S. Presidency. They insist a little Canada in this race will result in America the Better. We speak with the founders of the "Canada Party".

Part Two of The Current

America, But Better: The Canada Party Manifesto

We started this segment with an election commercial by The Canada Party, perhaps the darkest of the dark horses in this year's US presidential campaign.

The Canada Party is the creation of Brian Calvert, a Canadian writer and film-maker and Chris Cannon, a former US Marine Corps Sergeant who worked in the fields of intelligence and Counter-terrorism. He gave that all up for the more exciting world of comedy. They are the authors of America, But Better: The Canada Party Manifesto: An Intervention From Your Continental BFF. They were in Toronto.

This segment was produced by The Current's Howard Goldenthal, Lara O'Brien and Kristin Nelson.

NHL Lockout Letters

The fans are ready, the ice is ready , the Zamboni is ready -- but where are the players of the sport for those who dare to care? The NHL lockout has some of our listeners feeling hip-checked into the boards.

Mark Eisenman of Toronto had this to say:

This is probably sacrilegious, but I am rooting for a long lockout.
Every year in Toronto, even with a hockey team that has NOTHING to do with the post season; the beauty, optimism, and essence of spring is destroyed by that winter game - hockey! So if the opening of the hockey season is delayed, I hope they don't settle and have the Stanley Cup playoffs cut even further into the season of the game with brains - baseball!

And Keith Stotyn of Edmonton writes:

It's time for fans to realize that players and owners are fighting over shares of the fans' money. It is time for fans to strike for lower ticket prices. If the arenas start emptying out , both sides might begin to realize that they should pay more attention to the fans than to their own greed.

And Matthew Manor tweets:

If the NHL scrubs the season, the cup should get awarded to someone else. Maybe the National Women's league? Perfect!

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