Journalist Bob Woodward on the debt ceiling crisis


People often remember where they were at times of great upheaval. But do you remember where you were during the U.S. debt ceiling crisis? Bob Woodward believes if we knew the whole truth we would have no trouble remembering every detail of the day the financial roof nearly fell in. The veteran journalist speaks to us today about how close the world came to ruin.

Journalist Bob Woodward on the debt ceiling crisis

In July of last year, U.S. President Barack Obama may have faced the worst crisis of his presidency. In less than a week, the U.S. would be in economic default unless Obama could hammer out a deal with the Republicans and raise his country's debt ceiling.

The world may have been at the edge of a financial abyss. Those stressful days are recounted in Bob Woodward's new book The Price of Politics.

Bob Woodward is one of America's best known journalists. And he joined us from Washington D.C.

This segment was produced by The Current's Howard Goldenthal.

Last Word - Calgary Herald's Dan Gaynor on Peter Lougheed

Today on the show, we looked back on the life and legacy of former Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed. A lot of people across the country are mourning his death today. The Twittersphere is abuzz with thoughts, and memories.

Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi tweeted:

I'm remembering my experiences with Peter Lougheed -- from taking his course at U of C to sitting with him and Jeanne at the opera this year.

Here's another one, from George Roter:

Rest in Peace Peter Lougheed. We'll miss your honesty, insight and deep love of Canada.

And Ian White tweeted: Peter Lougheed was an annual guest when I worked in Jasper. Always engaging, respectful, intelligent-remembered who you were & your story.

Indeed, Peter Lougheed was known as a leader with a very human touch. He reached out to people. One of those people was former Calgary Herald publisher Dan Gaynor. Dan Gaynor gets the Last Word today - on Peter Lougheed.

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