Inside the Syrian Civil War: Nelofer Pazira


UN human rights officials are warning rebel fighters, they are not immune from prosecution for atrocities. As the slaughter continues inside Syria, civilians can feel trapped on all sides. Today Canadian-Afghan journalist Nelofer Pazira takes us to Syria's most troubled neighbourhoods.

Inside the Syrian Civil War: Nelofer Pazira

We started this segment with a clip from the clatter of a market in the centre of Damascus. Its stones are accustomed to those timeless rumblings but for more than a year, the market has been shaken by the same forces that tremble the rest of Syria.

Cafes in the old city are crowded , shops are open -- but the conversations are changed. A country at war with itself is a country of food shortages, unemployment, poor health and shocking violence. Hundreds of thousands of people have left their homes -- more than 20 thousand are believed to be dead.

Nelofer Pazira is one of a few foreign journalists to see inside Syria, and to speak with people about how the chaos is affecting their lives. She is just back from two weeks in Syria. She was in Dublin.

This segment was produced by The Current's Documentary Editor, Joan Webber.

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