Steroid use amongst Ontario police officers


There are concerns that police in certain Ontario police departments have or are using steroids. Steroids aren't illegal but the buying, selling and production of the controlled substances are against the law. And steroids can lead to very aggressive and erratic behaviour. The CBC"s Dave Seglins brings us this story.

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Steroid use among Ontario police officers

You've likely heard on the news of the alleged smuggling operation in southern Ontario that may involve officers with the Niagara Regional Police force. U.S. police accuse a 13 year veteran of the force with smuggling and distributing more than half a million dollars worth of anabolic steroids and other drugs. The force suspended the constable and another officer, as well as reassigned other members of the force.

Prosecutors have yet to say where they think the drugs were headed - or who else may be involved. But a CBC news investigation uncovered a number of disturbing details - about steroid use, and complaints about pumped-up officers exhibiting irrational behaviour - and not just in Niagara region.

The CBC's Dave Seglins has been working on the investigation and joined Anna Maria in our Toronto studio with the results.

Mail on Rob Ford

Toronto's Mayor Rob Ford is a polarizing figure in the city and his latest predicament had him in court last week, defending himself against a conflict of interest charge. Friday we heard from two Toronto newspaper columnists.

Here are a few responses from our listeners:

From Janet Laba in Ottawa:

I guess Sue Ann is okay with little or no consequences regarding breaking the law. Mayor Ford either broke the law or he didn't.
Perhaps he has done some good things but they don't excuse him from conflict of interest.

Rose McIntyre of Whitby, Ontario said this:

Sue Anne put forward a comment to the effect that voters can decide in a few years time, whether Mayor Ford has done something wrong. This is not how the law works in a democracy.

And Marla Waltman tweeted this:

Sue-Ann Levy says Mayor Ford is uninformed and always a buffoon, but he's man of the people. This excuses anything?

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