Dissecting the Quebec PQ Rally Shooting


An armed man drives to Montreal, tries to enter the auditorium where a crowd celebrates political victory and then after one man is killed and another injured, he shouts a political statement as police take him away. Was the incident at Pauline Marois' victory rally simply a random act of violence? Or something motivated by the politics of the day? Should we even be asking?

Dissecting the Quebec PQ Rally Shooting - Jonathan Kay, National Post

No matter what province you live in, no matter your political sympathies or how you cast your ballot, election night in Quebec was catastrophic. Montrealers were back at the Metropolis theatre last night to hold a vigil for the victims of the evening's violence.

Two men were shot during the Parti Quebecois victory party. One was wounded. And Denis Blanchette, a lighting technician was killed. Police detained Richard Henry Bain at the scene wearing a bathrobe and a balaclava. It's not clear what the shooter's motive was, but politicians were stunned.

Many Canadians wonder this morning what -- if anything -- to take away from incidents such as this. Jonathan Kay says we shouldn't try to take too much. He's the Managing Editor of The National Post's Comment section and he was in our Toronto studio.

Dissecting the Quebec PQ Rally Shooting - Paul Appelbaum, Columbia U

Our next guest argues it's too easy to explain away extreme violence as the work of an unhinged mind, disconnected from politics or the social climate.

Paul Appelbaum is the Dollard Professor of Psychiatry, Medicine and Law at the Columbia University. We've reached him at his home in New York City.

This segment was produced by The Current's Chris Wodskou, Gord Westmacott and Joan Piloya.

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