Straightening the Record: A Doctor's Apology


Robert Spitzer, a well known U-S psychiatrist, conducted a study more than a decade ago which concluded gay people could be converted. This spring he admitted the study was faulty and apologized to the gay community. Now, despite the damage done, Dr. Robert Spitzer is looking for redemption. Listen to The Current producer Josh Bloch's documentary: Straightening the Record: A Doctor's Apology.

Straightening the Record: A Doctor's Apology

They are always there, just below the surface ... the ethical dilemmas that challenge our thinking, our relationships... our conduct. The uneasy choices we're forced to face.

You know ... The politician who wonders if ordering a drone strike is a justified killing or a war crime. The doctor who decides the continued care of a patient does more harm than good... The rescue worker who has to measure the risk to her own life when she tries to save someone else.

This season The Current will explore such questions. We're calling our new project, Line in the Sand: Dilemmas that Define Us. To help kick off our project, The Current's producer Josh Bloch joins Anna Maria in studio with a fascinating documentary that centres on an apology. It's called Straightening the Record: A Doctor's Apology.

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