Farewell to The Voice


The Voice, our Baritone Buddy, is a man of box-office-buzz in his parallel life as an actor. He can terrify you or pull you into the not-so-Merry Old Land of Oz. He has set the tone for our voice at The Current for ten years and before he walks off - not into the sunset but onto another movie set we've got an Exit Interview.

Farewell to The Voice - Stephen Hart

Its November 18th, 2002.

One block North of the CN Tower, the tallest target on the continent. After a year of being left out of the speeches and thoughts of President George Dubya Bush, Canada has finally made it. We are now number four on Osama Bin Laden's list.

Currently, the call can be heard across this frozen land, he hates us, he really really hates us!

This is The Current on CBC Radio One.

AMT and The Voice standing 300 px.jpgThat was how the very first edition of The Current began, nearly 10 years ago on November 18th, 2002. It began -- as all but a few of them have since -- with The Voice.

In those 10 seasons, The Voice has entertained and enlightened, irritated and angered.As far as we can tell, The Voice is the only person to work for The Current who has never missed a day. And now, Stephen Hart -- the man behind those famous pipes -- is moving on.

Stephen joined Anna Maria in studio to reflect on a decade as The Voice - and to talk about his plans for the future.

This segment was produced by The Current's Gord Westmacott.

It's not just The Current that's having a hard time without The Voice ... a lot of our listeners felt the same way. Listen to The Voice's Finale ... he had the last word on Tuesday's program.

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