The Invisible Girl: Documentary Repeat


As the anniversary of 9/11 nears, most people feel the weight of painful memories from that terrible day. But for many young people, the falling of the twin towers is one of their defining memories. We'll hear how one former Manhattan schoolgirl was transformed by the day her neighbourhood choked on plaster dust and fear.

Part Two of The Current

The Invisible Girl: Documentary Repeat

9/11 was the day we all famously took out American citizenship. It was the world's gesture of solidarity with the United States during its terrible hours. Of course we aren't all Americans, or New Yorkers or lower Manhattanites.

There are however more than 45-thousand people who do call the neighbourhood home. They live there, buy groceries there, raise families there. There are more than 20 elementary and middle schools in the neighbourhood.

Those schools were all in session on 9/11. And when the kids were told to clear out, they saw their streets in chaos and filled with terrified adults. Just think of all the things those kids must have seen. Few thought about it at the time. Even fewer thought about those kids later. In a sense .. they were all invisible.

In today's documentary, Anna Maria Tremonti brings us Helaina Hovitz's story. She was a 12-year-old schoolgirl at the time of 9/11. She suffered post traumatic stress disorder throughout her teens as a result of what she saw that day.

Anna Maria's documentary is called The Invisible Girl. It was produced by Heather Barrett. It originally aired last September to mark ten years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Robert Semrau Promo

Next week, the regular season of The Current returns and Anna Maria Tremonti will be back in the host chair. She'll speak to Robert Semrau. He's the first Canadian soldier to be accused of homicide in battle - for the 2008 shooting of a wounded Taliban insurgent in Afghanistan.

As part of The Current's project Line in the Sand: Dilemmas that Define Us, the former captain speaks out for the first time about the day that sparked a national debate on the line between martial law and morality. That's coming up Tuesday, on The Current.

We aired a clip of Semrau, considering the events that brought him to trial.

Last Word - Money, Money, Money

We've been talking today about the connection between market speculation, food prices -- and hunger. Money and starvation aren't typical subjects for songwriters, but it made for a catchy little tune in the musical Cabaret. We ended today's program with Liza Minnelli and Joel Grey singing ... oh, you can probably figure out the name of the song.

Other segment from today's show:

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