The Hand of Fate: Documentary Repeat


A surgeon's hands are crucial in their jobs. So when an accident left Dr. Sarah Jones with several severed fingers, she was sure it was the end of her successful career. It didn't turn out that way. We revisit this story in today's documentary, The Hand of Fate.

Part Two of The Current

The Hand of Fate: Documentary Repeat

In the summer of 2009, Sarah Jones was a pediatric surgeon enjoying time with her family at their country home when an accident severed three of her fingers and part of her thumb.

It was a game changer for Dr. Jones. She believed the accident meant a permanent end to a successful career as a surgeon. And the Kingston, Ontario doctor wasn't alone in thinking she'd never operate again.

Lorenda Reddekopp's documentary is called The Hand of Fate. It first aired on the Current in February as part of our season long look at game changers.
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Last Word - Isaac's Storm

The U.S. south is bracing for another terrifying smack from Tropical Storm Isaac, which is expected to reach hurricane status in the coming hours.

Coincidentally, another Isaac and another hurricane figure prominently in U.S. disaster legend. Author Erick Larsen wrote a history about meteorologist Isaac Cline and his early efforts to clean up the U.S. weather service.

Cline's credentials were impeccable; he was also catastrophically wrong. He believed no hurricane could seriously threaten the city of Galveston, Texas. But when the Galveston hurricane smashed into the island in 1900, six thousand people were killed ... including Isaac Cline's pregnant wife. On today's Last word, Erick Larsen from the History Channel's documentary -- Isaac's Storm.

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