The Electric Fog of War: Documentary Repeat


Cyber warfare adds a new and mysterious dimension to high-tech warfare, and for the people trying to keep their countries safe from cyber attacks, it's a moving target. We hear about war in our modern times, the battlefields of cyber attacks and a look at just how prepared this country is for e-battle in today's documentary, The Electric Fog of War.

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The Electric Fog of War: Documentary Repeat

You may think the computer on your desk is just a window into a world of information or Facebook fun and games. But others see the computer as a portal to something more sinister ... a new form of conflict that's already in play.

Earlier this summer, we rebroadcast a documentary on Stuxnet, the cyber worm that targeted Iran's nuclear program and changed the game of cyber warfare.
Well, a battery of people is trying to protect Canada from such cyber weapons, which are proliferating around the world.

The Current's Howard Goldenthal investigated how prepared Canada is for a cyber battle. His documentary is called The Electric Fog of War. It was produced with help from freelance journalist Oliver Gardiner. And it first aired on The Current in March as part of our season's project on Game Changers.

Last Word - Hurricane Andrew

Coming up next week on the summer edition of The Current, we'll be previewing the Republican national convention in Tampa, Florida. But a lot of Floridians will be keeping a closer eye on the weather, with Tropical Storm Isaac possibly having the state in its sights.

And today, Florida will mark a sombre anniversary. Twenty years ago, Hurricane Andrew, a Category 5 hurricane, tore through the state. Stanley Goldenberg is a research meteorologist who rode out the storm with his young family in Dade County, Florida. We ended the program this week with some of the audio from a video recording he made of that terrifying ordeal.

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