The Boy with a Past: Documentary Repeat


In today's documentary, meet a man who is searching for the twin children he once gave up, when he was barely more than a child himself.

* This documentary is only available online in Canada *

Part Two of The Current

The Boy with a Past: Documentary Repeat

Most people can remember the struggles of their teenage years ... a challenging time without throwing parenthood into the mix. But many teens do become parents long before they become adults.

Teen mothers get a lot of sympathy. And if they're lucky, they'll get a lot of help. Teen fathers typically don't get much of either. But they can feel just as overwhelmed, just as lonely and just as lost as any teen mother. And they feel the social stigma of being the bad guy.

Knowing you're too young to raise a family doesn't make it any easier to give one up. Today, we bring you Aziza Sindhu's documentary, The Boy with a Past. It first aired on The Current in February.

Chris Farley Ratcliff has not yet heard from his twins. He's not sure if his letter was lost in the mail. Or if they were never told they were adopted. Or, if they're just not ready to meet their biological father.

Last Word - John Clarke and Bryan Dawe

There's typically a lot of hand-wringing and excuse making after the Olympic torch goes out. But Australian comedians John Clarke and Bryan Dawe win the gold medal for special pleading. They get today's Last Word.

Other segment from today's show:

Merging the Paralympics with the Olympics

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