The Paralysing Night (Doc Repeat)


The scientific term for the Old Hag is sleep paralysis. A state that exists between REM sleep and consciousness which can be a living hell. And something thousands of Canadians report experiencing all too often.

Part Two of The Current

The Paralysing Night: Documentary Repeat

Tonight, as Canadians go to bed, some may be reluctant to lay their head on the pillow. While most of us expect a quick visit from The Sandman, many worry the Old Hag will take his place.

The Hag is the personification of a sleeping condition that traps some people in a waking nightmare. It's estimated 20 to 30 percent of healthy people will experience this terrifying sleep disorder at least once.

The Current's Howard Goldenthal shines a light on this unsettling story in his documentary, The Paralysing Night. It originally aired in February.

Last Word - Argo Movie

We've been talking today about the Iranian embassy in Ottawa. Of course, Canada and Iran have a long history of diplomatic crabbiness involving embassies. And much worse, when Iranian students took over the US embassy in Tehran in 1979, it set off a hostage crisis that lasted more than a year.

Six US diplomats were able to slip away and take refuge with Canada's diplomats in our embassy. They were safe -- but how to get them out of Iran? The plan was to give them Canadian passports, and a cover story that they were film makers hoping to make a movie called Argo.

This fall, art imitates life when Argo finally debuts. In this particular imitation, Ben Affleck plays a cunning CIA agent and Victor Garber plays Canada's ambassador to Tehran, Ken Taylor. We can guess who gets the most face time. Anyway, for a movie about people sitting around waiting to get rescued, the trailer makes it seem very exciting. Today's Last Word goes to the cast of Argo.

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Other segment from today's show:

Iranian Embassy: Call to Close

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