Banking on Iran


TD Bank says they are closing the accounts of some of its Iranian-Canadian customers because they are "complying" with the economic sanctions against Iran. We speak with a woman who is insulted that her joint account with her dad was closed by TD. She is a Canadian citizen and her father is a permanent resident who says they are not affiliated with the Iranian government.

Today's guest host was Mike Finnerty.

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It's Tuesday, July 10.

A Toronto-area woman gave birth to a baby boy on an Ontario highway on the weekend.

Currently, some people will do anything to get into the carpool lane.

This is The Current.

Banking on Iran - Soudeh Ghassemi

We started this segment with a letter an Iranian-Canadian woman received in May from TD Bank Group. Since then, similar letters have appeared in the mailboxes of dozens of other Iranian Canadians. The letters say accounts must close to comply with Canada's economic sanctions against Iran.

Soudeh Ghassemi received a letter from TD Bank last month informing her that her personal and family accounts will close. We spoke with Soudeh Ghassemi in our Toronto studio.

TD Bank told us that no one at the bank was available for an interview.

Banking on Iran - Panel

Kaveh Shahrooz is a lawyer and vice-president of the Iranian Canadian Congress. That group held a fact-finding meeting this weekend, inviting Iranian-Canadians to share their bank stories. Kaveh Shahrooz was in our Toronto studio.

We requested an interview with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. They emailed back as well to say no one was available to give an interview.

We brought another voice into this conversation. Our next guest testified before the Standing Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade when it met to examine Canada's foreign policy regarding Iran and its implications earlier this year.

Aurel Braun is a professor of International Relations and Political Science at the University of Toronto. He was in our Toronto studio.

This segment was produced by The Current's Pacinthe Mattar, Josh Bloch, Pedro Sanchez and Tendisai Cromwell.

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