Bei Bei Shuai


Bei Bei Shuai is originally from Shanghai, and was living in Indiana when she tried to end her life by ingesting rat poison. Her friends found out and rushed her to hospital. She survived. But she was 33 weeks pregnant and the fetus she was carrying died shortly after an emergency caesarean section. Bei Bei was charged with murder and attempted feticide and spent more than a year in jail. The case of Bei Bei Shuai has women's rights advocates worried that it will set a precedent for pregnant women's' control of their bodies for the entire USA.

Today's guest host was Mike Finnerty.

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It's Thursday, July 5th.

Bev Oda is stepping down from politics.

Immediately following her announcement, government spending dropped in half.

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Bei Bei Shuai

We began this part with a clip of Bei Bei Shuai speaking after her release from jail. She is still awaiting trial for the charge of murdering her baby. Originally from Shanghai, she was living in Indiana when she tried to end her life following a love affair gone wrong. Friends learned she had ingested rat poison and rushed her to hospital. She survived... but had to have an emergency C-section in her 33rd week of pregnancy, delivering a baby which survived only a few days.

For more on this story we heard from Linda Pence. She is Bei Bei Shuai's lawyer. And she was in Indianapolis, Indiana.

We also spoke with Terry Curry. He is the Marion County Prosecutor.

This segment was produced by The Current's Liz Hoath.

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