The Big Break: Bollywood Documentary


The path to movie-star glory is filled with broken dreams, heartache and unrewarded struggle. But for a select few, the lights burn bright in Bollywood. Today, we look at Westerners who flourish on India's silver screens.

*Pls note this documentary is only accessible in Canada *

Part Two of The Current

The Big Break: Bollywood Documentary

Western audiences know Bollywood films for their frantic energy, their elaborate dancing and their throbbing music. Because of the language barrier, most of the hundreds and hundreds of Bollywood films made each year are appreciated mainly by Indian audiences. But not exclusively.

Many outside the subcontinent find the films irresistible. Some Westerners are so enamoured, they want to be part of it. Bollywood beckons with promises of work for foreign actors. But just like the other film capital, the road to stardom is strewn with failed pretty boys and yesterday's brunettes. However... a select few really do make it.

Karima El Azizi is a freelance journalist in Mumbai. Her documentary is called The Big Break.

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