Alberta-Ottawa Rift


This week, Federal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney finally apologized for dropping the A-Bomb about Alberta's Deputy Premier but some are wondering just how much of a mistake it really was. We are parsing the political fallout in a province that is home to an increasingly diverse Conservative family.

Today's guest host was Gillian Findlay.

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It's Friday, June 22nd.

Alberta is dealing with the second oil spill in a month, after a pipeline northeast of Edmonton leaked an estimated 230,000 litres of crude.

Currently, it's not that bad. It all just soaks into the sand so we can dig it back up again .... right?

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Alberta-Ottawa Rift

Alberta premier Alison Redford will be glad to see the back of the strange little controversy that burst out between her province and and Ottawa this week. On Wednesday, she gave assurances that the relationship between her Progressive Conservative government and the federal Conservatives is as strong and collegial as ever.

But how productive is it to call a colleague a - quote - complete and utter asshole? Well, that's the way Immigration Minister Jason Kenney described Alberta's deputy Premier Thomas Lukaszuk in an email that was sent we assume - inadvertently - to every Conservative MP from Alberta last week.

That email laid bare the strained relations between Mr. Kenney and Mr. Lukaszuk, but observers say it also did nothing to ease tensions between federal Conservatives and Alberta's Progressive Conservatives.

For more on the intrigue behind Jason Kenney's intemperate use of the "reply all" button and what it reveals about the rifts between Alberta and Ottawa, we were joined by Paula Simons. She's a political columnist with the Edmonton Journal, and she joined us from Edmonton. And Rod Love was former Alberta Premier Ralph Klein's Chief of Staff and now works as a consultant in Calgary.

This segment was produced by The Current's Chris Wodskou and Kathleen Goldhar.

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