Restaurant Reviewer Joanne Kates Feature Interview


For more than four decades, she's conducted her business using false names, wearing disguises and scribbling notes when she thinks no one's looking... eating her way through assignments that changed daily. When Joanne Kates first began a newspaper column about eating out, good restaurant critics were even rarer than good restaurants. She looks back on a career committed to changing tastes.

Part Three of The Current

Restaurant Reviewer Joanne Kates Feature Interview

When Joanne Kates began writing restaurant reviews for the Globe and Mail 38 years ago, she didn't have much positive news to write about.

It was hard to find exceptional restaurants offering exceptional meals in Canada's cities. But tastes have changed. Canada is a country of foodies today.

And the many columns of Joanne Kates may have played a big part in helping Canadians savour a night out.

Joanne Kates is now putting away her pen as restaurant critic - but she's not putting down her fork. She was in our Toronto studio.

This segment was produced by The Current's Kathleen Goldhar.

Last Word - The Trip

We've been talking today about restaurant reviews and how volatile reviewing food can be. In the British movie, The Trip, comedians Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon hit the road to grade restaurants in northern England for a travel magazine.

They spend a lot of time eating, but they didn't have very strong opinions about the food. They did have very strong impressions of one another however, and spent most of their meals bickering. On today's Last Word, an impassioned supper-time argument... over impressions.

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