The Interpreter (Documentary)


He began work every day knowing he was a target. He'd dress as a labourer, pretend to be a farmer. But Mohammed Rahman was really an interpreter for Canadian soldiers officers in Afghanistan. And the Taliban knew where to find him. Mohammed Rahman now lives in Canada with his wife and 7 kids. And he's found the soldiers who used to rely on him are making sure his family can rely on them.

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The Interpreter (Documentary)

They endured the ambushes, improvised explosive devices, and the death threats from the Taliban...

For Afghan interpreters working with the Canadian Military in Afghanistan - those were just some of the risks of the job. But with the end of Canada's combat mission in Afghanistan and it's continued withdrawl from the country... interpreters have been left in an extremely vulnerable position.

Many of their supporters have long argued they deserve special status -- including the chance to move to Canada. A federal program instituted three years ago made it a possibility for some to emigrate.

The CBC's Julie Ireton has followed one Afghan interpreter's remarkable story and she joined us from Ottawa. Her documentary is called, The Interpreter.

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