Outlawing Weight Discrimination


Should calling someone fat be considered a form of discrimination? A new movement in the UK says commenting on one's girth is just as bad as making a racist comment. And should be punishable under a new law.

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Outlawing Weight Discrimination - British Parliamentary Report

Even the most casual glance at magazines, television and movies shows thin people are successful and desired, while heavy people are not. Overweight school kids are bully magnets. And adults can be just as bad ... cracking fat jokes in the workplace.

The world's governments are trying to change attitudes towards the over-weight - but at the same time they're trying to control an obesity epidemic. In Britain this week, an all-party parliamentary group released a report called Reflections on Body Image. It suggests that MPs consider putting "appearance-based discrimination" on the same legal basis as race and sex discrimination.

Rosi Prescott is the chief executive of Central YMCA and she worked with the committee that released the report. She joined us from our London studio.

Outlawing Weight Discrimination - Bullied Child

Amanda Buckiewicz (who also goes by Amanda Bucks) knows exactly what it feels like to be bullied and teased because of her weight. She joined us from Toronto.

Outlawing Weight Discrimination - UK's National Obesity Forum

Not everyone is so keen on what's been recommended in Britain.Tam Fry is the spokesperson for the UK's National Obesity Forum and he is the chair of the Child Growth Foundation. He was in London, England.

This segment was produced by The Current's Kathleen Goldhar and Shannon Higgins.

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