The lethal new drug, Bath Salts


They can create hallucinations, kidney failure, increased heart rate, make someone think extremely violent thoughts and make others act on them in gruesome ways. They are called Bath Salts ... a highly addictive, synthetic drugs growing in popularity. They are illegal in the U.S. but in Canada there are no restrictions.

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It's Wednesday, May 30th.

The Harper government plans to shut down public hearings into its controversial F-35 purchase.

Currently ... wouldn't want to waste any more taxpayer dollars than necessary.

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The lethal new drug, Bath Salts - Stephen Puddicombe Talk Tape

Even by the sordid standard of drug crimes, the scene Miami police broke up yesterday was beyond belief. Two naked men were found struggling on a busy downtown exit ramp. When a police officer got close enough to see what was happening he was horrified and demanded the attacker stop. But the man just growled and continued his assault. Witnesses say the officer shot the man -- but the attack continued.

Again and again the officer fired, and only when the attacker was dead did the assault stop. The victim was rushed to hospital, gravely injured, his face almost completely eaten off. Authorities aren't sure what would incite such a gruesome attack. But they have a pretty good idea. They suspect a street drug nicknamed bath salts. It can cause delusions and wildly aggressive behaviour. And bath salts have made their way to this country.

CBC National Reporter Stephen Puddicombe is following the story in northern Nova Scotia, where the use of the drug is causing alarm. He joined us from our Halifax studio.

This segment was produced by Halifax Network Producer, Mary Lynk.

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