Gender-based sports commentary


It's a sports broadcast that calls itself a kind of Sex and the City meets ESPN-- but for some hockey fans that's a more terrifying mashup than Don Cherry's jackets and ties. There's no violence yet, but a fight's broken out over a new colour commentary designed for women. The BFF gabfest While The Men Watch will be livestreamed on CBC during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. We hear from one the hosts and from female hockey greats Cassie Campbell-Pascall and Sami Jo Small.

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Gender-based sports commentary

Many fans do not find this particular sound relaxing. CBC and Hockey Night in Canada ignited a media firestorm with their plans to carry While The Men Watch as alternate online commentary during the Stanley Cup finals, which begin tonight. Hockey Night in Canada says its a fun way to reach out to a new audience. We aired a sample.

Well, it's no more brain-freezing than a lot of commentary. But some fans are annoyed by the implication they're more interested in fashion than face offs. We heard some reaction from the streets of Vancouver.

While the Men Watch is co-hosted by best friends Lena Sutherland and Jules Mancuso. Lena Sutherland was in Toronto.

Gender-based sports commentary - Panel

We've assembled a panel of female fans who are serious about hockey to find out their thoughts on While the Men Watch.

Cassie Campbell-Pascall was captain of Canada's National Women's Hockey Team from 2001 to her retirement in 2006. She is a three time Olympian - with two gold medals and one silver. And she is a six time World Champion. Today she is an analyst for CBC's Hockey Night in Canada. She was in Calgary.

Sami Jo Small is also a three time Olympian with two golds and one silver medal won with the Canada's National Women's Hockey Team as a goalie. She is a five time world champion and she is the co-founder of the Canadian Women's Hockey League. She was in Toronto.

Julie Veilleux is a hockey blogger and she joined us from Montreal.

This segment was produced by The Current's Shannon Higgins.

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We've been talking today about whether there are male and female hockey fans -- or just hockey fans. The Canadian band The Arrogant Worms has made up its mind. The band praises the game not just as a male past-time, but as a kind of subhuman male past-time. On today's Last Word, a little of the Worm's tribute to the inner caveman: Me Like Hockey.

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