The unintended consequences of the Quebec protests


The student protest is hardly a black and white issue-- unless you're the AnarchoPanda. Since the protest's early days, a philosophy professor dressed in a giant panda suit has walked with the marchers. He joins us to explain. And we have more on Quebec's restless students and what life has been like in Montreal over the past one-hundred days of protest.

Today we bring you a special edition of The Current in Montreal. Where Anna Maria is joined by co-host Montreal Journalist David Gutnick.

Part Two of The Current

The unintended consequences of the Quebec protests - Ian Lafreniere

One of the consequences of these ongoing protests has been a police force that's been going full-on for months. Ian Lafreniere is the commander of media relations for the Montreal police.

The unintended consequences of the Quebec protests - Ziggy's Bar Owner

Apparently, there's nothing like the presence of police and protesters to kill the shopping and dining vibe. Montreal's Chamber of Commerce estimates that business downtown is down by about 15 percent. The after-work crowd that typically fills Ziggy's Bar on Crescent Street -- is no where to be found.
Yesterday, as the owner prepared for what little business he might get - he told us what it's been like since the protests began.

The unintended consequences of the Quebec protests - Anarcho-Panda

One protester discovered the way to soften the resolve of the riot police is to give them a hug. In the throngs of young people wearing red felt squares, it's difficult to miss the AnarchoPanda.

The man in the giant panda suit is actually a philosophy professor who declines to reveal his identity. But he's been part of the protests since the early days and joined us in our Montreal studio.

The unintended consequences of the Quebec protests - Liane Corbeil

Liane Corbeil's family life has been very directly affected by the student strikes. Her 19-year-old son Tevin decided to drop out of CEGEP mid-way through this school year. We reached Liane Corbeil in Granby this morning.

This segment was produced by The Current's Kathleen Goldhar and Montreal producer, Sarah Buck.

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