The political fallout of the Quebec student protests


Quebec's Premier may not be popular in general -- but his specific handling of the student protests seemed to have the support of a majority of Quebeckers. Still, some wonder if he's overplayed his hand with new legislation so tough it looks destined for a charter challenge.

Today we bring you a special edition of The Current in Montreal. Where Anna Maria is joined by co-host Bernie St. Laurent, Quebec's Radio Noon phone in host.

Part Three of The Current

The political fallout of the Quebec student protests

Students protests on the streets have driven Quebeckers to their phones - the lines were lit up yesterday during CBC Quebec's province wide radio phone in - hosted by Bernard St. Laurent. We aired a clip with some of the people calling into Quebec's Radio Noon phone in show yesterday just before the massive protest march began.

The host of that program, Bernard St. Laurent was in our Montreal studio with Anna Maria Tremonti.

Well, there's a lot to say about the politics - and political fallout - of these ongoing protests. And Bernie St. Laurent is going to stick around to help probe a little deeper into how the Charest government has handled all this and how well that's playing with voters.

We were joined by three guests, who come from different perspectives on this. Daniel Turp is former Parti Quebecois MNA and federal member of parliament for the Bloc Quebecois. He's now a professor of International and constitutional law at the University of Montreal. Antonia Maioni is a Professor of Political Science at McGill University. They were in our Montreal studio. And Henry Aubin is the Montreal affairs columnist for the Gazette in Montreal. And he joined us on the line from his office this morning.

This segment was produced by The Current's Liz Hoath and Josh Bloch.

Last Word - An Open Letter to English-Canadian

We're in Montreal today talking about the impact of the sustained protests. Whether you support the students or not, they've definitely got Canada's attention. There's been head-shaking and some much harsher views from outside Quebec.

The reactions prompted Université de Montréal philosopher Daniel Weinstock to write An Open Letter to English-Canadians, who might be feeling that Quebeckers have taken leave of their senses.

Daniel Weinstock and Licia Corbella, editorial page editor at the Calgary Herald gets today's Last Word.

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