Montreal reaction to the 100th day student protest


We started our special in Montreal to look at the evolution and direction of the Quebec student protest movement and we check in to Montreal's reactions, the morning after a massive student protest on Tuesday night to mark the 100th day of student protests.

Today we bring you a special edition of The Current in Montreal. Where Anna Maria is joined by co-host Montreal Journalist David Gutnick.

Part One of The Current


It's Wednesday, May 23rd.

As student protests continue, a Quebec public inquiry has begun looking into allegations of corruption in the construction industry.

Currently, there's no escaping the mobs in Montreal these days.

This is The Current.

Montreal reaction to the 100th day student protest - Michael Applebaum

The little red felt squares worn by Quebec's student protesters formed a sea of scarlet yesterday as ten of thousands of demonstrators choked the streets of downtown Montreal to mark 100 days of protest.

For the most part, the students and their sympathizers marched along the route the police had pre-approved. But some broke off and strayed into other areas -- in apparent defiance of a new law designed to contain the demonstrations.

And as the protesters moved through the streets... you could also hear - in neighbourhoods across the city - the banging of pots and pans. A show of solidarity for demonstrators... this pummeling of kitchenware sprung up - just in the past few days. Leading some to dub this the "casserole movement."

But in disgust - a few people have taken to ranting on facebook - that things were already bad enough with protesters clashing with police, the constant hum of helicopters and now the endless banging.

The student marches have become commonplace in the city as the strike stretches into its 101st day. The CBC's David Gutnick is a Montrealer himself. And he was with Anna Maria in our Montreal studio today.

Another Montrealer who's been dealing with these protests from quite a different perspective than the general population. Michael Applebaum is the President of the Executive Committee of the City of Montreal.

Montreal reaction to the 100th day student protest - Martine Desjardins

Martine Desjardins is the president of the Quebec Federation of University Students - one of the major student groups involved in these protests. She was in Montreal.

Montreal reaction to the 100th day student protest - Geoff Kelley

Quebec Premier Jean Charest isn't giving many interviews these days. But here to speak for his government is Geoff Kelley, his Minister responsible for Native Affairs. Geoff Kelley is the Liberal member of the National Assembly of Quebec for Jacques-Cartier - in Montreal's West Island. He joined us by phone.

Montreal reaction to the 100th day student protest - Protests

David Gutnick is in our montreal studio to help us make sense of what's happening on the streets of Montreal.

Actually, it's not just the streets of Montreal anymore. About 50 protestors gathered outside the Quebec government office at Rockefeller Plaza in New York yesterday.

The protests are gaining quite a bit of international attention. There was another demonstration in Paris yesterday, to show solidarity with the students in Quebec. People are talking about the protests at Cannes this week, too.

This segment was produced by The Current's Lara O'Brien and Shannon Higgins.

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