Cold Case: Confession to Murder


19 years ago today, 15 year old Christine Harron went missing from Hanover, Ontario. Despite a confession, no one has been charged with her murder. Investigative documentary reporter David Ridgen has an exclusive report.

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Cold Case: Confession to Murder

With the conviction and sentencing of Michael Rafferty in Ontario this week, Victoria Stafford's family may find some solace that the murderer of the 8-year old will spend a minimum of 25 years in prison. But even that small comfort has been denied another Ontario family.

19 years ago today Christine Harron went missing from Hanover, Ontario. No trace of the fifteen year old has ever been found. It's a confounding case but it once seemed tantalizingly close to being resolved, thanks to a confession.

Filmmaker David Ridgen has been investigating this story for three years and reports on its tragic details for the first time, here on The Current.

His documentary is called Confession to Murder. You can see his television documentary tonight on The National.

Friday Mail

We got some feedback to yesterday's discussion about a teenage girl from Nova Scotia who alleges she was defamed on Facebook, and is asking the Supreme Court of Canada for the right to remain anonymous when she sues for the identity of the person who posted the false information. We ended this segment with some response from our listeners.

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