Simon Fraser University Men's Centre


There's controversy brewing at BC's Simon Fraser University. The Student Union has earmarked tens-of-thousands of dollars for a Men's centre to offer a safe space for men to discuss issues. The Women's Centre response was curt - suggesting the Men's Centre already exists everywhere else. But the man who runs one of the few Men's Centres in the country says it is time to acknowledge that men need shelter and space to confront everything from spousal abuse to mental health.

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Simon Fraser University Men's Centre

Simon Fraser University has had a women's centre for thirty years. For the most part, it's a widely accepted part of campus life that's welcomed by students. But now, the students' union there has voted to fund a men's centre and the reaction has been a lot more heated.

Despite the criticism, Simon Fraser's Students' Union is sticking by its plan to open a men's centre. Jeff McCaan is the former president of the Simon Fraser Student Society and one of the people behind the idea for a men's centre. He was in Vancouver.

Simon Fraser University Men's Centre

We invited a representative from Simon Fraser's Women's Centre to give us their thoughts on the new men's centre. No one there got back to us. But when you look at the Frequently Asked Questions on the women's centre's website, you'll find a pretty succinct summation of their views on the subject.

What is the men's centre? The simple answer is that the men's centre is everywhere else.

For her thoughts on the subject, we were joined by Ann Braithwaite. She is the Coordinator of the Women's Studies Program at the University of Prince Edward Island. She's also an Executive Member of the Canadian Women's Studies Association and she was in Charlottetown.

Simon Fraser University Men's Centre

Simon Fraser University will not be the first Canadian University to open a men's centre. The Men's Resource Centre in Winnipeg began at the University of Manitoba. It's now run as a not-for-profit and among its clients are male students from several universities in the area.

Steve Sutherland says the Resource Centre saved his life. He's a counselor there now, but he was once a client who relied on the centre to deal with the trauma of his own childhood abuse. Steve Sutherland was in Winnipeg.

Last Word - A Beaver Story

We ended the program today with some final thoughts from Bernie Krause, to whom we spoke earlier in the program. Bernie Krause has spent four decades recording the soundscapes of the natural world and listening for what they might tell us about the health of our eco-systems. Bernie Krause gets the last word with a story about a beaver.

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