Harper's Milestone Majority: One Year In


He's been Prime Minister for more than Six years but he's had a Majority government for precisely One year. And it is this past year where Stephen Harper has had the political freedom to implement change on everything from environmental controls to crime and punishment to economic development to civil service cuts. Today, we devote our first hour to that discussion, a retrospective on the first year of Conservative majority rule under Prime Minister Harper.

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It's Wednesday, May 2nd.

As Stephen Harper's Conservatives celebrate a year of majority government, polls suggest they're in a statistical tie with the NDP.

Currently, polls also suggest the Wild Rose Party is beating both of them.

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Harper's Milestone Majority: One Year In

One year ago today, Stephen Harper stood before a cheering crowd, ushering in the majority government he sought for so long. This morning he stood before another admiring and cheering crowd, his fellow MPs, the conservative caucus reminded them of the significance of that vote.

In the last year, we've seen a focus on the economy, our fair share of omnibus bills and budget cuts. There have been scandals, too, involving expensive jets and orange juice.

As the Conservatives celebrate one year of majority rule, we were joined by two people from two sides of the political aisle to dissect the year that was and maybe even divine the year to come.

Tim Powers is a Conservative strategist and Vice-President of Summa Communications. Kathleen Monk is the Executive Director of the Broadbent Institute and the former Director of Strategic Communications for Jack Layton. They were both in our Ottawa studio.

We also invited other guests into the conversation:

L. Ian MacDonald is editor of Policy Options, the magazine of the Institute for Research on Public Policy. He is also a former speech writer for Progressive Conservative leader Brian Mulroney. He was in a crowded studio in Ottawa.

Elizabeth May is the leader of the Green party and MP for Saanich - Gulf Islands in British Columbia. She was in Ottawa this morning.

Patrick Lagacé is a columnist with La Presse in Montreal.

And we briefly heard from the following people in this segment:

John Reynolds is a former MP from British Columbia and a friend of Stephen Harper's. And this is what he said when we asked him to rate Harper's first year with a majority mandate.

Stephen Taylor, director of the National Citizens Coalition which Harper himself used to head.

And Bruce Cheadle, National Affairs Reporter for the Canadian Press. He has reported on Parliament Hill for more than 15 years.

This segment was produced by The Current's Kathleen Goldhar, Kristin Nelson and Howard Goldenthal.

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