Post-Alberta Election


Alison Redford gets elected premier with a strong majority for the progressive conservatives... the Wild Rose Party's dreams of power fizzle into the reality of the opposition benches and, for a change in Alberta, that opposition will come from the right. We analyze last night's election results in Canada's most prosperous province. 

Today's guest host is Anthony Germain in St. John's.

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It's Tuesday, April 24th.

International Development Minister Bev Oda rejected a 5-star hotel during a trip to London - and booked a swankier place at more than double the cost.

In her defense, Oda could have sworn she added the word "NOT" to her orders to switch reservations.

This is The Current.

Post-Alberta Election - PC Party Campaign Manager

We started this segment with a clip from Progressive Conservative Premier Alison Redford accepting victory in last night's Alberta election. It was an election campaign battle that seemed to threaten to bring down one of Canada's most powerful political dynasties.

The PC's have ruled for 41 straight years. But boy were the polls wrong. In the end Albertans decided to stay the course and elected yet another majority Tory government. Susan Elliott ran the Redford campaign. She joined us from Calgary.

Post-Alberta Election - Wildrose party strategist

Wildrose leader Danielle Smith won her seat but the upstart party didn't replace the Tories in government as most polls were predicting.

Today we were joined by one of the people behind the Wildrose campaign.
Vitor Marciano is a Wildrose party strategist who also ran in this election as a Wildrose senate nominee candidate. And this is not the first time Marciano has been in the war room of a political team. He served as National Policy Chair for the Conservative Party of Canada from 2006 to 2009. Vitor Marciano was at his home in Edmonton this morning.

Post-Alberta Election - Edmonton Journal columnist

Graham Thomson has had a front row seat for the entire election race. He's the political columnist for the Edmonton Journal. And he was in our Edmonton studio.

This segment was produced by Calgary Network Producer, Michael O'Halloran and Edmonton Network Producer, Gillian Rutherford.

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