4/20 - Canada's Cannabis Culture


The world is going to pot. Today is 4-20, a global protest against marijuana laws when millions are expected to light up. Today, we walkabout in the counter culture including a side trip to something called the Cannabis cup. And we talk to the author of a book about the highs in the heart of dankness and hear about Canada's growing reputation for some of the world's best weed. 

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4/20 - Canada's Cannabis Culture - Heart of Dankness Author

For Canada's cannabis culture today is a big day on its calendar. It's called 4/20, a smoke-in to protest against the country's marijuana laws. Tokers will be out in force in cities across Canada, especially in Vancouver. Parents there are angry because the city's school board has scheduled a professional development day for many teachers. With a number of classes cancelled, students will be free to attend the pot smoking event.

We aired a clip from some of the winners accepting awards at last year's Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. For marijuana lovers around the world, The Cannabis Cup is the Stanley Cup of pot.

To talk about the underground cannabis culture in Canada and beyond, we were joined by Mark Haskell Smith. His new book is Heart of Dankness: Underground Botanists, Outlaw Farmers and the Race for the Cannabis Cup. He was in our Toronto studio.

4/20 - Canada's Cannabis Culture - Vancouver Medical Cannabis Dispensary

We started this segment with the sound of people at last years Cannabis Cup trying to use rather than lose their weed during a raid by Dutch police. It was a decidedly non-mellow interruption to the competition.

Dana Larsen tweeted from the raid. He is the former editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine and is the director of the the Vancouver Medical Cannabis Dispensary. He was in Vancouver.

This segment was produced by The Current's Howard Goldenthal.

Last Word - Growing Cannabis

We've been talking this morning about the art of growing marijuana. So we ended the program today with some gardening tips for growing cannabis if you're so inclined. Our expert is an Australian named Kog.

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