Documentary: The Art of War


When the going gets tough ...the tough play music? That is precisely what the artists of Sarajevo did during the almost-four-year-long siege of the Bosnia capital which began right around this time 20 years ago. From symphonies, to plays, to film festivals, there is a long tradition of continuing with culture in the midst of conflict.

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The Art of War

It was 20 years ago, the long siege of Sarajevo began. For nearly four years, mortars and snipers gradually reduced the capital to ruin and its citizens to despair. It's believed nearly 12 thousand people were killed ... many were children.

As a reporter, Anna Maria was an eyewitness to the city's terror. And as you may know she returned to Sarajevo just a few weeks ago to see how the city had endured.

The Current's producer Lara O'Brien was working with Anna Maria on that assignment and became fascinated with some of the stories of life during the siege. Lara joined Anna Maria in studio. Her documentary is called, The Art of War.

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