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It barely made the news but last January a B.C. man was attacked and later died in Guatemala on business. His daughter believes he was targeted because of his work with the labour movement. We follow up on stories of the week and revisit the ongoing political tensions in Guatemala in the death of Jorge Enrique Torres.

Part Three of The Current

Checking - In

Time to check in on the stories that got you tweeting, typing and telephoning this week. Our Friday host and co-host of Marketplace Tom Harrington joined Anna Maria in studio to help us zip through your reactions.

Digital Currency: Monday, we looked at the ups and downs of living in a cashless society. The Royal Canadian Mint is developing a digital currency - called MintChip for small transactions. And according to the Mint, storing cash on a smartphone or tablet will be inexpensive, convenient and so easy even a child could use it. At least that's how the Crown Corporation is hoping it will work. We spoke with digital currency expert David Birch, who told us that Canada could learn from Iceland and Sweden, countries that already use digital currency than cold hard cash. But, his position on a digital divide had some of you seeing red. We played some of the messages we received on our feedback line including reading some of our mail.

Unorthodox: On Tuesday we spoke with Deborah Feldman, author of Unorthodox. The book is about Feldman's life growing up in - and her decision to leave - a restrictive Ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect in Brooklyn. After listening to the segment, Shaindy Lander, an orthodox Jewish woman in Edmonton, wrote to us:

I just finished listening to your interview with Deborah Feldman and her experiences in the Satmar community. I feel terrible for her and what she had to deal with, and defend her right to write about it. However, I'm concerned that people listening will get the impression that all Orthodox Jews think about and treat women in this manner.

Now, to be fair, Deborah Feldman was very clear that her experience growing up in what she identified as a closed Ultra-Orthodox sect didn't reflect the majority of Jewish communities. But Shaindy Lander still worries about society painting all religious orthodox Judaism with the same broad brush. So we invited her to speak with us. She was in Edmonton.

Olympic Sponsorship: Yesterday, we looked at the corporate sponsorship of the London 2012 Olympic games that has some environmentalists up in arms. And that got our friends at the CBC's Content Factory in Winnipeg thinking ....

Premier Alison Redford: Last week we covered the Alberta provincial election campaign and caught up with Alberta Premier Alison Redford. She's facing some tough competition from Wildrose leader, Danielle Smith. We also spoke with David Yager... a veteran of the Alberta oil patch and the Wildrose candidate for Calgary-Hawkwood. That conversation had a few of you responding.

Pamela Yates: Monday we spoke with Pamela Yates about her film, Granito: How To Nail A Dictator that looks at the crimes against humanity that took place when former Guatemalan dictator Efrain Rios Montt led the army and the country in the early eighties.

We read some letters on this part and then we were joined by Ana Torres, the daughter of Guatemalan labour activist Jorge Enrique Torres, murdered earlier this year. She was in our Toronto studio.

Satire: And lastly, this week not everyone was so amused by one of our opening satires. A veterinarian wrote us to respond to our satire referring to Rabies.

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Last Word - Cultural Preference for Boys Promo

Tomorrow on The Current, the controversial practice of selecting a baby's sex. A U.S. Clinic hopes to tap into a cultural preference for boys in some Canadian communities. Producer Ellen Saenger is working on that story. Today, she got the last word.

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