The Unfinished Journey of Rabbi Simes

Rabbi Yehuda Simes of Ottawa was paralyzed after a terrible highway accident. Last year at Passover, we spoke to him about his process of healing and went with him for his first visit to the jewish school where he teaches. Well, this year, Rabbi Simes is back teaching on a limited basis. We speak to him about passover, what he expects this year and what it is like to be back in front of his students.

Part Two of The Current

The Unfinished Journey of Rabbi Simes

Jews around the world celebrate Passover tonight. It is a time of family and of remembering freedom denied and won. Last Passover we brought you the story of Rabbi Yehuda Simes, an Ottawa teacher whose life was thrown into upheaval after a terrible traffic accident.

We rebroadcast the documentary, The Unfinished Journey of Rabbi Simes by The Current's Howard Goldenthal.

The Rabbi has since returned to the job he loves - teaching. CBC's Neil Morrison spoke with him about what it's like to be back with his students and what might be different this Passover.

Other segment from today's show:

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