Katherine Boo: Behind the Beautiful Forevers

If you really want to know how the world economy is affecting people maybe you should head to the tin shacks and fetid alley of a Mumbai slum where the work ethic is exceptional, the work load is staggering and the world view is humbling. Acclaimed American writer Katherine Boo takes us into the lives of the people of Annawadi. For three years, she tracked some of the world's most marginalized people and she'll share what she learned.

Part Three of The Current

Katherine Boo: Behind the Beautiful Forevers

It reads like a novel, but it is unfortunately all true. Pulitzer prize winning journalist Katherine Boo spent three years in a Mumbai slum, watching and talking to the people who live there. Her book Behind the Beautiful Forevers is the result of her encounters with the people India's boom and modernization has left behind. Katherine Boo was in Washington DC.

This segment was produced by The Current's Liz Hoath.

Last Word - War in Bosnia Promo

Tomorrow we bring you a special edition of The Current to mark the start of the 20th anniversary of the war in Bosnia and the start of the siege of Sarajevo. Anna Maria reported extensively on that conflict in the early 90s and was just back in Sarajevo to see how the city... and the country... have evolved.

Anna Maria was there with Carol Off, host of As It Happens who began covering Bosnia in the waning days of the war and did a significant amount of reporting on the crimes of that war. You can listen for Carol's story on Bosnia all week beginning tonight on As It Happens.

One of the people you'll hear on our program tomorrow is Retired Bosnia army General Jovan Divjak. He defended the city during the war and now he runs a non-governmental organization for children victimized by the war. We ended today's program with a short excerpt from that interview, in translation.

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