Jousting Revival

There's not much entertaining about the middle ages... the wars, the plagues, the smells. But one medieval sport seems to be enjoying a renaissance. Today, we hear all about competitive jousting and speak with a competitive jouster, a modern Canadian knight who hosts a new reality show featuring mighty men on mighty steeds with mighty long lances.

Part Three of The Current

Jousting Revival - Feature Interview

Since so few homes are equipped with stables and tilting yards, jousting at home is likely to remain aspirational. But there really is modern competitive jousting with the horses and the armor and those long, frightening lances. The television show Full Metal Jousting comes to History TV in Canada next week.

The host is Canadian, Shane Adams. He's considered one of the best competitive jousters in the world and joinede us from our Toronto studio.

This segment was produced by The Current's Elizabeth Hoath.

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Last Word - William Sampson

There was sad news yesterday. William Sampson died from an apparent heart attack. Sampson you may recall was arrested by Saudi Arabian authorities in late 2000 and accused of being involved in a number of car bombings. He was sentenced to death. Sampson said he was tortured into making a confession. He had a heart attack in prison. Finally, after two and a half years, he was released.

In 2005, William Sampson spoke with The Current and said Canada did little to get him out, didn't investigate the torture, didn't help him with his medical bills and completely dropped the case when he was freed. Today's last word goes to William Sampson.

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