New NDP leader, new way forward ?

The federal NDP may have a new leader in Thomas Mulcair, but the race has exposed divisions on what strategies the party should pursue to win the support it needs to form a government. Today, we take a look at the way forward for the Official Opposition.

Today's guest host was Jim Brown in Calgary.

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It's Monday, March 26th.

After four ballots, we have a new leader of the Opposition!

Currently: I know how this goes ... The party will eventually lose faith in him, bring in someone else who's no better, before they finally hand the reins to a guy from another party until they get their mojo back... Oh wait. ... That's the Liberals. ... Sorry. Force of habit.

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New NDP leader, new way forward ?

Canada got a new Leader of the Opposition on Saturday evening. After four rounds of voting, NDP Deputy Party Leader Thomas Mulcair put an end to the competition, definitively beating out his six opponents.

The Current's Kristin Nelson was there. And heard a range of reaction from those gathered at Toronto's Convention Centre.

Thomas Mulcair takes over from interim NDP leader Nycole Turmel, who's led the party since Jack Layton stepped down for cancer treatment last July. But if Mulcair is to move beyond his current title, and become Canada's next Prime Minister - as he was introduced at this weekend's convention - he's got some work to do.

To discuss the way forward, we were by joined by three people. Pat Martin is the NDP MP for Winnipeg Centre. He was in Ottawa. Leslie Turnbull is a member of the NDP and a partner in Viewpoints Research, a polling company that has worked for the federal NDP. She was in Winnipeg. And David McGrane is a political science professor from the University of Saskatchewan. He wrote a chapter on the NDP in the recently released book, The Canadian Federal Election of 2011. He was in Saskatoon.

This segment was produced by The Current's Kristin Nelson and Ottawa Network Producer, Neil Morrison.

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