When the end comes, will you be ready? The preppers will be. Many people believe governments and societies aren't ready for a serious emergency, let alone a catastrophe. If your neighbour has powdered milk in his pantry, a battery powered chainsaw in his cellar, and rather a lot of gold jewellery... you may know a prepper.

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Preppers - James Wesley Rawles

A new reality TV show from south of the border is called Doomsday Preppers and it is broadcast on the National Geographic Channel. The show profiles Americans who believe something really bad may happen, really soon. So they must prepare.

Described by some as Survivalism Lite, the prepping movement has been active on the Internet for years. There are scores of websites devoted to survival off the grid - covering everything from emergency breakfast to emergency ballistics. You can buy Prepper gear at Costco - a pre-packaged emergency supply kit designed to keep you alive for two weeks.

Daryl Stratichuk of Calgary has taken his preparations way beyond Costco. If the world as we know it ends, he's ready. If it just takes a short break, he's ready for that, too. The CBC's Falice Chin went to visit Daryl Stratichuk recently and we heard from him.

The prepping movement is most popular in the United States - where James Wesley Rawles estimates two per cent of the population can be described as preppers. Rawles is considered by many to be the guru of the modern Prepper movement. He's a former U.S. Army Intelligence Officer, a best-selling fiction and non-fiction writer, and the man behind

James Wesley Rawles joined us today from his home - which he says is located in the United States, west of the Rocky Mountains, in a lightly populated area.

Preppers - Michael Lindell

Michael Lindell has been listening to all of this with interest. He's the Director of the Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center at Texas A & M University, and the editor of the International Journal of Mass Emergencies. And Michael Lindell joined us today from Dallas, Texas.

This segment was produced by The Current's Heather Barrett.

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Last Word - Fallout Pitch

We've been talking today about Preppers. If society really does break down, it likely won't be very entertaining. But from War of the Worlds to The Walking Dead, many people sure seem to enjoy the fantasy of a world without rules.

Many video games take place in post-apocalyptic lands, but the Fallout series starts with the premise that even preparing for the end is slightly... ludicrous.
On today's Last Word, Here's the Fallout pitch -- rent your space in an underground cave now and outlast the bombs, the mutants and the giant claw-fisted robots.

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