Jane's Journey: A documentary about Jane Goodall

Today, Jane Goodall is one of the world's most respected animal scientists. And one of the best-known scientists of any kind. Among her groundbreaking discoveries was the fact that humans are not the only animals with the capacity to make and use tools. She's also become an extremely active conservationist and humanitarian. A new documentary about Jane Goodall has just been released and she joins us to talk about her remarkable life and work.

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Jane's Journey: A documentary about Jane Goodall

The chimpanzee is actually modifying a natural object to suit it to a specific purpose, thus making a tool.

A game-changing discovery - that humans are just one of the animals that make tools - helped launch the career of primate researcher Jane Goodall. 52 years ago, Goodall began her seminal work with chimpanzees in Tanzania's Gombe National Park ... research that transformed her from an unknown, untrained animal buff into one of the world's most renowned and beloved animal scientists.

For the past 25 years, she's focused on conservation activism through the Jane Goodall Institute and Roots & Shoots, as well as her work as a United Nations Messenger of Peace. Her extensive travels have brought her to Canada again, with a new documentary about her remarkable life and career called Jane's Journey.

As part of our Game Changer project, Jane Goodall joined us from our Ottawa studio.

For tickets to see an exclusive screening in Ontario of Janes's Journey are available through Janegoodall.ca .

Dates for events:

March 21 - Ottawa
March 22, 23 - Toronto
March 25 - Sudbury

This segment was produced by The Current's Chris Wodskou.

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Last Word - Jane Goodall

Over the years, Jane Goodall has been a friend of The Current. And an even better friend to our plants. When she visited a few years back she had us pegged immediately as horrible gardeners. We aired some tape.

Since that time, the watering can has remained in a prominent position and we've killed every living organism in the department, with the exception of some slime growing around the sink. It's a good thing we don't keep monkeys.

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