Death Penalty Debate

Not since 1962 has Canada exacted the death sentence on anyone. But when a high profile and disturbing murder case makes headlines, the dormant debate over capital punishment gets people once again talking. Today we talk Canada and capital punishment.

Today's guest host was Piya Chattopadhyay.

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Death Penalty Debate - Tasha Kheiriddin

John Diefenbaker's government commuted most of the death sentences the courts handed down and after the last hanging in 1962, the hinges on the gallows' floor began to rust. Bill C-84 offically abolished the death penalty more than 35 years ago.

But recent polls by Angus Reid and Abacus Data suggest a majority of Canadians believes at least some criminals should still take that long drop. A court in London, Ontario is hearing the gruesome details of the murder of eight-year old Victoria Stafford this week. It's the kind of crime that rekindles the old debate.

Tasha Kheiriddin is an anchor for CTV news channel National Affairs and a columnist with the National Post. In her most recent opinion piece for the Post, Kheiriddin argues that the details of Victoria Stafford's murder shows why Canada should reinstate the death penalty. Tasha Kheiriddin joined us in Toronto.

Death Penalty Debate - Aubrey Harris

Our next guest is not convinced Canadians really think we should revisit the death penalty. Aubrey Harris is the Coordinator for the Campaign to Abolish the Death Penalty for Amnesty International Canada, and he joined us in our Toronto studio.

This segment was produced by The Current's Chris Wodskou, Josh Bloch and Heather Barrett, St. John's CBC Producer.

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