Inuit Identity (Documentary)

The Inuit lay claim to one of Canada's oldest cultures in the country's newest territory Nunavut, home to Canada's youngest population. And the Inuit youth of Nunavut are on exciting territory, uncharted landscape. Theirs is an ice-age culture that has swung into the digital age within a matter of decades. The 8th Fire Project takes us to Nunavut.

Part Two of The Current

Inuit Identity (Documentary)

As part of CBC radio's 8th Fire project about aboriginal peoples in this country... we go north to Nunavut. It's fitting that Canada's youngest territory has the youngest population.

Almost half of Nunavut's population is under the age of 20. And today young people are growing up in a traditional territory bombarded by southern influences. As a result - young Inuit look as much to the south, as they do to their elders, for ways to live.

But many struggle with how to embrace the new, without discarding what makes their own culture distinct. The CBC's Jessie Fraser explores this conflict in her documentary, Qaumariaq: Lighten Up.

Qaumariaq; Lighten Up
was presented by Jessie Fraser and produced by Peter Sheldon of CBC Iqaluit.

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