Mothers of Fukushima against nuclear power

The women have taken to the streets. The parents are running the protests. Across Japan, the fallout from the triple disasters of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown is not solely Radioactive - it is Pro-active. Japan's social movements once confined to the sidelines are front and center as the one year anniversary of a deadly disaster nears.

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It's Wednesday, March 7th.

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Mothers of Fukushima against nuclear power

Japan can be a raucous and demanding society -- but it's probably not a complete cliche to say it values conformity and harmony. However, after last year's nuclear disaster, those are no longer virtues for the mothers of Fukushima.

They've become mistrustful of their government. They've bought their own geiger counters because they no longer believe the official radiation readings. They've signed petitions urging Japan to abandon all its nuclear projects. Their concern for their family's health has brought them into the streets. And the presense of radioactive cesium in the food supply inspired them to set up a tent city protest outside a Tokyo government office.

This weekend marks the one year anniversary of the deadly earthquake/tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster. And Japanese activists are planning more demonstrations in the days to come. Aileen Mioko Smith is a veteran anti-nuclear activist and Executive Director of Green Action Japan, a non-government organization dedicated to ending Japan's plutonium program. She lives in Kyoto, but we reached her in Brussels.

The film, Surviving Japan is a documentary made by film maker Christopher Noland.

This segment was produced by The Current's Pacinthe Mattar and Vancouver's Network Producer, Yvonne Gall.

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