Saving Face: Dr. Mohammad Jawad

The perpetrators are often husbands or jilted suitors who commit a hideous act that leaves their victims disfigured and devastated. We'll meet the plastic surgeon who's featured in an Oscar-winning Canadian documentary about Acid attacks in Pakistan.

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Saving Face: Dr. Mohammad Jawad

One of the few Canadian victories at the Academy Awards this year was the documentary Saving Face. The film examines the practice of what's called acid violence. Each year, it's believed more than 150 Pakistani women have acid splashed in their faces... a form of domestic violence. It's every bit as disfiguring as it sounds.

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy is the film's Canadian-Pakistani co-director. In her Oscar winning speech, she dedicates the award to Dr. Mohammad Ali Ja-wad. He's a London-Based, Pakistani-born plastic surgeon. He uses his skills to help these women admire themselves in the mirror again. Dr. Mohammad Ali Jaw-ad joined us from Culver City, California.

The Oscar-winning documentary, Saving Face airs on HBO next Thursday.

This segment was produced by The Current's intern Alisha Parchment.

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